UV Vacuum Cleaner-HM143005B

UV Vacuum Cleaner-HM143005B

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UV Vacuum Cleaner-HM 143005B

The Most Effective Solution to Vacuum Dust Mites in Your Home

(Information from Doctors  )

How to use the machine

  1. For mattresses over 3 months, old need to vacuum it every day in first the week. (Used in conjunction with dehumidifier).
  2. For new mattress, once a month.


Case Study for UV Vacuum Cleaner

Voltage AC230V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 350W
Net Weigh 2kg
Dimension 267 x 295 x 158mm
Suction 10.5kpa
Safety IR sensor



General Vacuum Cleaner VS Our UV Vacuum

  1. General Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA is use to vacuum the dust and bacterial

  2. Our UV Vacuum Cleaner is special designed to kill 99.99% bacterial and 94% dust mites by using UV-C light that under SGS,GS,BD-FUNCTION Test report

  3. Double HEPA filter and Double tapping with beating of 3600times per minute is the most advance technology from Japan and USA 

  4. Technology & patent protected by Japan & USA

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