Home Dehumidifier-HM152320A

Home Dehumidifier-HM152320A

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Dehumidifier HM152320A

One of the Most Effective Solution to Eliminate Dust Mites in Your Home

(Information from Doctors  )

How to use the machine:

1. Switch on the machine 4 hours per day

2. After the fourth week, the dust mites will be eliminated

3. During the first 2 weeks you will find a layer of dust on the bed, clean the bed

4. From the fifth week onwards, switch on the machine for 4 hours every 2 days


Extra Functions:

1. Stop growth of mould and fungus

2. Remove smell and odour

3. Dry indoor clothing


The problems caused by high humidity (for sharing purpose)

The benefit of Dehumidifier for your home (for sharing purpose)

The benefit of Dehumidifier.湿气的危害,湿气克星-除湿机 (for sharing purpose)

The benefit of Dehumidifier.湿气的危害,湿气克星-除湿机. www.homemasterstore.com Home Master Malaysia-Healthy Air Specialists. This video is for sharing purpose.

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Voltage/ Frequency 220 - 240V/50Hz
Power Consumption 360 Watts
Extraction (30 C, 80%RH) 20 Litres / Day
Running Temperature 5C - 37C
Compressor Rotary
Coolant R - 134A
Dimension (WxDxH) 330mm x 366mm x 590mm
Recommended Coverage Dehumidifying 430 sq.ft or 40m2

Laundry Drying 323sq.ft or 30m2
Tank Capacity 4.5 Litres
Air Flow Low Fan 130m3/Hr

High Fan 165m3/Hr
Certificated GE/GS/TUV


Air Filter VS Our Air Dehumidifier

1. Air Filter with HEPA is use to filter and clean the particle, bacterial, dust, pollen from the air

2. Our Air Dehumidifier is special designed to remove the harmful humidity and increase room temperature for the purpose to eliminate dust mites. Water that absorbed by the machine from the air contains dust, particle, bacterial and etc.

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