Dust Mite Control

Dust Mite Control

Keep Humidity Low to Discourage Mites

Dust mites flourish when the humidity is around 75% to 80%. These tiny cousins of spiders need water to survive but have no means of conserving it in their tissues. When the surrounding humidity falls below 50%, mites soon shrivel up and die. Thus, reducing household humidity can drastically reduce the dust mite population. A dehumidifier is useful for drying out the air. Take care to empty the water pan daily and scour it to stop the growth of microscopic molds.

Humidifier Use Can Promote Growth of Mites and Molds

Any increase in humidity, such as when a humidifier is used, will encourage mites and molds to grow in your child’s room. If your child has problems with croup or other breathing difficulties, ask your pediatrician’s advice about the best way to ensure that the air in the bedroom is moist enough to breathe comfortably but dry enough to discourage mites and molds.

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