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House dust mite allergy
The majority of asthma and/or runny nose are caused by allergy to house dust mites in Malaysia. In addition infantile eczema or its equivalent in older children and adults may get better in some cases through avoiding house dust mites and house dust. There is evidence to show that house dust mites may be involved in causing eczema. However, in most cases food allergy may partly or wholly cause childhood eczema. 

How to get rid of house dust mites? It is not easy and takes a huge effort to reduce the house dust mite allergens in homes. It is important to reduce the house dust more than 100 times before significant changes may be seen. However, reduction of dust mite allergens in the home is tremendously worthwhile and beneficial to the asthmatic patient. Some avoidance measures include the following.


- Regular cleaning is essential.  Use good quality vacuum cleaners since conventional cleaners blow back a share of the dust mite allergens into the room. Vacuum thoroughly at least twice a week.

- Reduction of humidity below 50% by dehumidifiers is most effective in reducing dust mites in the house.

- Encase mattresses and pillows with allergicovers. Avoid woolen blankets or replace with washable quilts.


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