Air Purifier-HM15400AP

Air Purifier-HM15400AP

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Air Purifier HM15400AP

The Most Effective and Healthy Solution to Clean the Air in Your Home


How to use the machine:

1. Switch on the machine 24 hours per day

2. Change the HEPA filter once a year


WHY No Ozone & No Negative Ions

According to EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency, Ozone and Negative Ions generator will released toxic gas that are harmful to human health. 

Strongly Advice: not to use Ozone & Ions air cleaner!! (More Information from Doctors  )


Our Filter System: 1 Filter with 5 Filtration, 1 Machine with 3 Filter and TOTAL 15 Stage Filtration




  1. Elementary Filter: Removal of big dust, hair and pet fur
  2. HEPA FilterFiltration with 0.01micron to remove 99.9% dust, bacteria, allergens
  3. Activated Carbon Filter: Remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene zone, smoke and odour
  4. Cold Catalyst Filter: Decompose organic compounds and toxic substances, such as ammonia
  5. Nano Mineral Crystal Filter: Absorbing molecular polar compounds between 0.04 to 0.4 micron


Biggest Area coverage: More than 1000ft2, 1 unit for 1 Double Storey House

3 Way Air inlet, 3 Way Air outlet, 3 pcs Filter with 15 stage Purification!! 




Smoke Test: 8sec Clean air result, the faster clean air rate in Malaysia.

(You may type "air purifier smoke test" on youtube to watch the result from others brand)


Smoke Test: 5 Minute clean air, Room: 100ft2

Real Photo from customer that used for first week






Room Size More Than 1000ft2
(Clean Air Delivery Rate)

380 (660m3/H)
380 (660m3/H)
380 (660m3/H)
Airflow 660m3/H
Dimension (DxWXH) 338mm x 500mm x 654mm
Product Weight 17kg
Energy consumption (watts) 17 - 75
Noise level dB 40 - 65
Electronic sensor,
Remote and on/of timer
Filter replacement indicator Yes
Speed control options Auto
Casters Yes
Air outlet Top & Sides
Air inlet Bottom & Sides
Certificate Intertek/CE/ANSI/AHAM



General Air Purifier VS Our Air Purifier

1. General HEPA air purifier come with ozone and negative ions generator is good to filter and clean the air, but the most concern is it will release toxic gas which is harmful to human health. (for more information, please refer to doctor's information pages)

2. Our Air Purifier with no Ozone and negative ions generator is designed to make sure user safe from toxic gas, and our CADR (clean air delivery rate) more than 380ft2(660m3) per hour. This is the higher and effective performance in this range of industrial. ( 

3. Our Air Purifier with 3 HEPA 5 purification, 3 air inlet and outlet is the faster and effective way to clean the air

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